Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Little Harry Styles Appreciation Post

Former member of One Direction Harry Styles has gone solo, and I have a hunch that his career is going to take off like wildfire. My favorite song of the year is his single "Sign of the Times." Not only has he grown into a fine singer, he's also grown into a fine-looking man...

So in appreciation of his handsomeness and his musical talent, I've gathered some pics I found especially yummy for you to admire with me (source: Pinterest) and have posted the link to "Sign of the Times" at the end for you to watch and listen to. Enjoy!

And here's the music video:

Saturday, May 20, 2017


I'm excited to share the cover art for my forthcoming contemporary lesbian romance novel from Painted Hearts Publishing! Mark your calendars - the release date is July 27!



Thursday, May 18, 2017

Old Title, New Reviews

One of the coolest things about having books in e-book format is they never go out of print. Back titles are able to get little boosts in their popularity from time to time.

My first novel-length romantic fiction, Coffee Beans and Rose Petals, has seen some attention lately even though it was published in 2015. I'm really grateful for the recent interest because this little book was very enjoyable to write!

If you're curious about what the new reviews said, click the cover art to open a link to Amazon. You can view the readers' kind words there, and you can also read the book's blurb to see if it might be something you're interested in adding to your e-reader device.

XoXo -SK

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sex Robots on the Horizon!

As many of you know, May is Masturbation Month, and I thought I'd do a search for interesting, masturbation-related articles to talk about with you.

During my search, I happened upon a fascinating, long (--> article <--) about sex robots that got me thinking about where the future of masturbation is headed.

Some of you may have heard of Real Dolls, which are basically human-sized dolls that are made for the purpose of having sex. Some people have even gone so far as to having full-fledged imaginary relationships with them, which is utterly fascinating to me.

But the sex robots of the future, however, take things a step further. They add movement and artificial intelligence to the mix.

All this makes me wonder, is it still masturbation if you're having sex with a robot?

Many people use battery-operated devices such as vibrators when masturbating. I suppose one could look at robots as very large, very expensive vibrators. But there's something about the fact that these inventions will actually be able to talk to you that makes it seem different. It's almost some strange limbo in between a sex toy and a person.

What are your thoughts about sex robots? Would you ever try one out? I think I might be interested in giving a Real Doll a go, but I'd be a little more iffy on doing it with artificial intelligence - at least until I knew it was safe and they weren't going to go all Terminator on me!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!



Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Finding Empathy in a Judgmental Society

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while now, and today seemed the right time to go ahead and write it. I see this every day, especially on social media. People make posts about how others are inferior to them, how they are right and the others are wrong, sometimes even resorting to name calling or bullying to prove their point. People get so angry that they will even end a relationship over it. I wonder, when did we become such a judgmental society? Or has it always been there, and social media has just put a spotlight on it?

Don't get me wrong - I have strong opinions about things. When I see someone I love doing something that will almost certainly lead to hardship, I don't stick my head in the sand and assume everything is going to be all right. I'll even give them honest advice if it's asked for. But I've stopped getting angry at people who don't take my advice. I don't take it personally anymore. And I've stopped letting people's differing opinions wind me up to the point of getting bent out of shape.

What I wish I could see more of online is empathy - or at least a breather from all this judgement! I wish I could see more people focusing on the things that bring them happiness and amusement instead of the things that stress them out.

We need to remember that everyone has their own set of issues they're working through. So often we are extremely quick to judge without for one second trying to see the situation from the other person's point of view. And yes, there are genuinely horrible people out there who I will never understand, but there are also those who are seemingly bad people but who are simply doing the best they can and don't have the intentions to hurt others; they do it by default and are following their own misguided compass.

There's a big difference between someone who is an enemy and actively trying to hurt you and someone who is just trying to get along in life and learning things the hard way.

However, if someone in my life is living in a way that is dangerous to my safety, I use wisdom and simply keep my distance from them. Sometimes I see fit to remove myself from the situation altogether. But I try not to waste too much time and energy telling everyone who will listen about how I'm right and the other person is wrong or stupid or whatever. I just let it go and live my own life and focus on better things.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that what we focus on grows. So instead of giving fuel to our judgmental side, why not plant a little seed of empathy, tend the soil, and watch it blossom?



Saturday, April 29, 2017

Four Ways Dogs are More Advanced than Humans

**My little buddy**

I was watching The Dog Whisperer on TV this morning with my favorite four-legged friend on my lap, one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning. As I watched, it occurred to me that we can learn a lot from dogs, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a dog lover. Here are four ways dogs are simply more advanced than humans:

1) They live in the moment. As far as I know, dogs are not capable of worrying about tomorrow or next week or next year. They also don't seem to wallow in any sort of self-pity about what they should have done in the past. They live totally in the now and seem pretty happy because of it.

2) They don't discriminate against people of different colors, religions, political affiliations, or sexualities. In the rare cases that you do see this occur, it's always because a human trained them to be that way.

3) They have no hang-ups about sex or nudity. It's totally natural for them.

4) They rest when they need to. You don't ever see a dog carrying around their fifth coffee for the day, their eyes bloodshot, because they would rather push through their mile-long to-do list than take a 30-minute nap. When they're tired, they take time to fit in a quick snooze and are healthier for it.

I think we could learn some things from these furry fellas, don't you? ;)


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Three Ways I Help Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day!

Photo by Scarlett Knight

For this Earth Day, I wanted to do a quick post to share with you three specific ways I try to be kind to Mother Earth.

1) I use reusable bags. There really is no excuse to keep using paper or especially that nasty plastic anymore. Almost every major store you go to - grocery stores, retail, even online stores - have reusable shopping bags for sale. It is super easy to get into the habit of taking them with you, and you can even keep one or two in your car for the impromptu shopping trip. This reduces the massive problem we have of all the plastic bags we have out there just floating around, invading the ocean, and just causing an overall mess for the earth.

2) I bring home plastics from restaurants. Many restaurants will use plastic cups to patrons who want to get a drink from the water or soda fountain. I will take the cups with me, along with any other hard plastic that would otherrwise be thrown away, and put it in my recycling bin at home.

3) I put anything and everything in the recycling bin that is allowed to go in there. Especially plastic. If that means taking an extra minute to rinse out milk jugs, I do it. I recycle glass bottles, paper, you name it. It's astounding to see how much just one household with two people and a dog can accumulate in terms of recyclable materials each week. This is trash that would otherwise go to a landfill or be dumped into the ocean. It may not seem like much, but it certainly adds up.

Do you consider yourself a green person? What do you to do help the earth?